Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Organizational Change That Sticks

I am finalizing a keynote presentation for an upcoming conference hosted by the American Society for Quality. There is so much doom and gloom research and studies out there that it is really difficult to find something intriguing to tell them and get them motivated to use the chagne process. However, I did find something.

This has only just been released and is very positive. The Ontario Government in Canada commissioned a report to identify the future of the province. Where should it be spending its money? The report was radical – but I think very positive. It really is a vision for North America – not just Ontario. It was researched and written by Richard Florida and Roger Martin, who is the dean of the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management.

They say that the future depends on nurturing creativity and intelligence rather than protecting the past by bailing out struggling manufacturers. They call for a sweeping transformation of the manufacturing sector. (talk about change) “Our time is seeing the rise of a whole new economic system that is based more on brain than brawn, more on ideas than capital, more on human creativity than natural resources and brute strength”. They acknowledge that the transformation will be painful. But they say those regions that can extend the creative economy to the production of goods, services and resources will gain significant advantage. The current economic crisis opens opportunities for the province to use its full creative talents to expand the businesses and industries of the future. “In crises like these; nations, regions, provinces and states can rapidly change ground; they can improve or lose position, depending on the actions they take.”

I will give my keynote in 2 weeks. I hope this helps enlighten them to the possibilities that they can realize through a Strategic Change Process. I know that I have seen it in organizations with whom we work and I'm certain they will too.

Let me know how your own change efforts are progressing. All the best,