Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Future of Project Management - Trend 5

Project management and quality management will unite as critical job skill requirements

Project and quality principles will be infused into everyone’s roles within an organization. As the principles of project management fuse with quality management requirements, organizations will expect a quality-based approach to the management of projects. This will help them to successfully execute projects time after time.

To achieve this, organizations will need to apply quality management processes to all aspects of the project management infrastructure including: project management tools, project management templates, project management methods or techniques as well as project management competencies. These project quality management systems will improve project management by providing quality standards for project processes, tools and templates. As well, it will cause a shift in the competency requirements for project management roles.

All this will have enormous implications for project management training as organizations begin to search for curriculums that combine both quality management and project management knowledge bases.