Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm Tired of the Recession - Are You?

We've been in recessions before. Do you know which one is the worst? Well of course it is this one. But why is this one the worst? Because it's the only one where the future is uncertain.

You see, all of the other recessions that we have experienced in our lifetimes don't look bad now. However, think back to how you felt in the middle of them. With rising interest rates or oil prices or inflation or any combination of these. When asked the same question, during these "other" recessions, everyone said that the worst one they'd ever experienced was the one they were in at the moment. But when we reflect back, they don't seem so bad.

20% of economics are driven by reality. The other 80% is driven by perception. So, when we're asked to cut our salaries, our benefits, take time off without pay, etc., it is only based on the perception of these organizations of what will be - not what will actually occur. They don't know. The future is unknown.

It is our attitude that will bring us the quickest change - to help us to move on. I'm tired of this recession - aren't you?