Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Quality Trend 8 - Quality Departments will undertake Strategic Quality Planning

Quality departments and quality professionals will demonstrate how, through their quality initiatives (i.e.; Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen, ISO registration, etc.) they are positively impacting the organization’s bottom-line. By being forced to become more accountable for results they will spend more time ensuring that they are doing the right quality initiatives at the right time and that each one is clearly linked to one of the key strategic imperatives developed by the management team.

Every quality initiative can, and must be tied to key business process performance indicators in order to have any real impact on productivity and the bottom-line. Undertaking Strategic Quality Planning will ensure quality departments are able to identify what they should be doing, how they should be doing it, why they are doing it and the relationships of these endeavours to the organization’s strategic plans. When quality strategies are clearly outlined and measured, quality departments will be able to ensure overall performance improvement gains.

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