Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Future of Project Management

The first 10 years of this 21st century are almost over. Where is project management going in the next decade? Being able to look at current trends and see where they will take us is an interesting and thought provoking exercise. It can give us a much needed competitive edge to move ahead of the pack.

Through our continuous, extensive global research studies we have identified a number of key trends that will have a positive impact on organizations and how they manage projects over the next decade. Here are 8 trends you can expect to see happen that will help you gain organizational momentum. I'll present one trend in each Blog over the coming weeks.

As always, contact me with your questions, comments and own observations in regard to these.

Trend 1:
Organizations will undertake Project Culture Change Initiatives to ensure consistency in the management of projects.

Organizations that undertake the changes required to transition themselves from ad hoc and inconsistent project management practices to one where project management knowledge is incorporated into everyone’s job as a required skill set will see reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction rates. More organizations will implement a “Project Culture Initiative™” strategy to undertake this project cultural change to ensure the success in the management of all projects.

Successful project management systems do have a direct bottom-line impact on an organization as well as a profound effect on their structures, systems and resources. The process for creating the cultural change is easy but recognize it is journey. It is exciting but organizations will have to stay focussed throughout. Like all journeys, it takes time. When project management is built into the corporate culture than everyone who works on a project will immediately know what they have to do. They won’t have to locate a PMO or anyone else to tell them how to manage a project, what tools to use, what templates to use, etc.