Thursday, February 26, 2009

Refocus your Project Management Office to Ensure it Positively Impacts Your Organization

Refocusing your Project Management Office or Enterprise Project Management Office is critical to ensure it continues to meet the strategic imperatives of your organization in today’s economic climate. There is a huge opportunity to ensure it not only survives any budget cuts but is seen as a source of opportunity for renewed organizational success.

PMOs can provide significant cost savings and other benefits when they align with the delivery of the organization’s strategic plan and are well-managed. Those that fail to do so do not survive. As organizations continue their search for non-revenue generating departments to eliminate, the PMO is starting to see their continued survival at risk.

I will use my upcoming blogs to provide you with some insights into creating and/or sustaining a PMO or ePMO that the organization will want to survive. Why? Because it will make a huge, measurable, impact on the organization.

Thanks for listening,