Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Innovation Trend 3 - Organizations will create the culture for consistent innovations to reduce the ad hoc approach to innovations

Organizations will engage everyone at all levels in the process of identifying their definition of a culture of innovation, what makes it an innovation culture, what is needed to create it and what risks must be understood and managed in order to create the engine to drive innovations. One of the initiatives organizations are beginning to undertake is to create teams to delve deeply into these questions. They are recognizing that this is not merely a management imperative, rather, it is a cultural change that requires the on-going input at all levels within their organization.

Organizations that begin re-shaping their cultures around innovation will become focused on both theirs and their customer’s needs and opportunities. They will achieve and maintain profitable operations. These organizations will be constantly looking for ways to reinvent themselves and constantly introducing new varieties and generations of products and services. They will constantly be working on the environment which encourages the development of innovations.

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